Empowering Communities to #ComeTogether


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Book released 18th February, 2018

As thousands woke from the earth-shattering quake on 14th November 2016, nobody could foresee the chain of events that ultimately resulted in the birth of Come Together.

This book is a celebration of the love, resilience and the human spirit.

It pays tribute to the power of community when all are equal and everyone put their hands up together. When strangers from all walks of life pay it forward in a time of crises.

This book is a testimony to the relentless power of love. That no obstacles are greater than the desire to stand for something bigger than ourselves.

We are so proud to share with you the stories of everyday Kiwi’s who not only opened their hearts in a time of struggle but who also graciously shared dear family recipes with the wish that the joyful memories built around their dinner tables will spread to adding a new flavour to memories made by you.

$55 per book during pre-sale, excl. shipping.

  • All pre-sale books autographed by the author.
  • All orders placed and paid for prior to 30th November goes into a draw to win a limited edition Evolve Jewellery bracelet valued over $360.
  • After the pre-sale period, the books will be $70+ per copy.

All proceeds go towards community initiatives and activities by Miss Lilly’s Angel Trust.
Come Together
Come Together